Rø Glasværksted

The glowing molten glass is full of possibilities. Possibilities to catch and gather the light.

The nearness and the overwhelming nature of Bornholm affects me constantly. Images are carefully written in my consciousness. A fragrance, a play of colours, an atmosphere. An entirety that emits harmony. To meet with magic, movements and emotion in a stone, a stump of a tree, the shape of a landscape is ancient like the wish to keep a beloved person in its physical state, and forms the need to mould the glass, which brings the stone, the wood, closer.

Often, I work with an idea for a long time. It is prepared and different things in the process are tested, before the final arrangement is subjected to the drama of the studio. The whole thing finds a conclusion in the finished piece. The unexpected effects seen within the glowing molten glass, for example small bubbles constantly reminds me that the glass is living and powerful.